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Jamie asked 3 years ago

I signed up with the software called “TNT Trading Software” or “TNT Profits, and they told me to use a Forex broker called VipWayZone.

Although this broker has a British phone number, they don’t show any license or authorisation from the FCA here in the United Kingdom. So I want to know if any other people out there are investing with VIPWayZone company.

Can I make money with them? Is it safe to invest with them?


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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Jamie,
We can see that they are like so many other “offshore brokers” which are all listed as having an office in the Marshall Islands. 
Before you decide to use any auto trading software for Forex or Crypto trading, take a look at the popular one called FX MasterBot.
At least there you can connect with a licensed Forex broker.
Also take a look at the popular Forex CFD brokers, which are licensed and regulated in Australia & Europe, look here.
Best of luck!

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