Warning! Before Investing Money at Brokerz

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Moderator Staff asked 2 years ago
What is the difference between GoldmanCFD, Wisebanc and Brokerz.com? All of these brokers are working in the same manner. They are connected with scam bitcoin automated trading robots.

Once you signup for the BitcoinCode or Bitcoin Compass, you are redirected to an offshore broker like Brokerz, that is not regulated or licensed by CONSOB.

Consob, which is the Italian regulatory agency of online brokers issued a warning last week, to stay away from these companies. There have been many complaints by investors who have not been able to withdraw their investments.

If you are interested in investing online, the first try a licensed and regulated broker.


La Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa ha ordinato, ai sensi dell’articolo 7-octies, lettera b), del Testo unico della finanza – Tuf di porre termine alla violazione dell’articolo 18 del Tuf consistente nell’offerta e nello svolgimento nei confronti del pubblico italiano di servizi e attività di investimento posta in essere da:

  • Goldmancfd, tramite il sito internet https://goldmancfd.com (delibera n. 20816 del 14 febbraio 2019);
  • Orion Service Eood e Tlc Consulting Ltd, tramite il sito internet https://wisebanc.com/it (delibera n. 20817 del 14 febbraio 2019);
  • First Global (Uk) Limited, tramite il sito internet https://it.firstbtcfx.com (delibera n. 20818 del 14 febbraio 2019);
  • Light Media Ltd, tramite il sito internet https://it.wincapitalpro.com (delibera n. 20819 del 14 febbraio 2019).


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