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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
This is all very new to me and I hope that I have not just been scammed by a company called Option Ridge.

Please advise if you have had any negative reports abut them.

I did find one negative comment on hello peter.


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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes you were probably scammed by them!
Everyday hundreds of people get screwed by a fake trading system they watched a video about.
The real trading system that most people use is at AutomatedBinary.com and you choose one of the licensed brokers.
There are about 10 brokers that are really Licensed and Regulated, see here.

Sgeyde Ctyernx answered 5 years ago
When I asked Ben Simms from Optionridge about a bad review on the internet I read about them – http://hellopeter.com
I received the following email from him, needless to say I wont be signing-up and investing with this company.

are you serious?
It’s the most ridiculous excuse I got from a client ever.
Did you check who wrote this comment?
You know that Apple Microsoft and Coca-Cola have bad comments too?
If you think like that then it is better not to trade with us.
I do not like to waste my time on losers.
Best Regards,
Ben Simms, Executive portfolio manager

Ranon answered 5 years ago

I just got an email for some software called Zulander Hack which is saying I should open an account with Option Ridge.  
The problem with Zulander Hack is that the don’t let you see the software until you make a deposit, and there is no way I am going to make a deposit at some unlicensed binary options broker.   
I guess I will continue trading at the real brokers.

chris answered 5 years ago
Stay away from Optionridge.
i had some technical problems with their platform and tried to get help from them.
i tried live chat, submit a question and supportmail. No answer.
so i deside to make a withdrawal on November 30 2015, no reaction until today.
Mails to support no answer as usual.

Nell answered 5 years ago
Deposit accepted within MINUTES. Then endless requests for info.Unbelievable delays in returning investment from  Optionridge, Time frames for return of investment stated but not applied. Ongoing stalling emails.Be warned.!!!!!!!

shaker answered 5 years ago
Hello ppl i need make carefull  of this website optionridge.com pls never create a account of this website, this website from England they are lie too ppl. when u share u phone number or emails they will cal u many time everyday and talk with u very nice, give u many explain, they will call u until u not invest they 225$, when u invest they money someone call u and show u many things, then from next daye u will just lost they money, after some day a girl call u or send u msg, she will tell u, u lost money of for u not send copy of u bank card or picture of u bankcard, never invest money on this website optionridge.com when u said u dont wan share the detail they will said they cant help u,

Annette Svenson answered 5 years ago
Option Ridge is truly most unprofessional guys I ever met. Also they lie and they simply take your money from your credit card once you give your details even if you say you dontwant it. As to trading- they definitely dont know what they do . It is more like gambling. If you know the technical background of trading , you will quickly realize they they are very unprofessional. I would highly recommend not to deal with this company 

Iqbal answered 5 years ago
I had deposited $300 into an Optionridge account after being convinced by an analysist and expecting a call from a trader for assistance on trading. I got the call and we set up a time and date to teach me to trade on their platform. I waited and the never called me. When I checked my account a few days later I had been left with $20. At no time had I give Optionridge authority to trade on my behalf and use my money from my account. When I tried contacting them via email or telephone I got no response.
The  name of the analysis is James Kennedy and the trader is David Williams.
Very disappointing and very angry about the whole thing. I should have never ever deposited the money.

Jan answered 5 years ago
Jan, yep, definitely a scam, we asked them to stop trading with our account and pay out the balance, the withdrawal request was cancelled by them and the trades got bigger and more reckless till we have lost all our money, we have even traded the 30 x bonus amount as well, so there was no excuse. we have not traded fiurther but they kept on trading on our account regardless
then the guy (DAWID W) [email protected] promised us the money will be paid back, he then removed his address from skype and no further correspondence from him after he wanted us to deposit more money, definitely a big SCAM AND WE GOT BURNED BY THESE BUM NUGGETS

Lwazi answered 5 years ago
Guys how do i withdraw from this guy’s trading thing after i have given them my bank details in order not for them to be able to take money from my account?

Please i need help just before she takes my money.

Firstly she called and told me that she isn’t able to transfer money from my account because my card seemed to be blocked by the bank for online trading until i go there to unblock it for such purposes. But i am still not sure if she won’t be able to transfer this money into their account.

I would love to know if i am still safe guys please. I have nothing to lose. I need your help with immediate effect.

Thank you

Daniel answered 5 years ago
Yes they are HUGE SCAMMERS Anna Nowitzki and Michael Bloom are the biggest SCAMMERS on earth. My peace of mind is that judgement day will come and they will burn in HELL


Manfred Felber answered 5 years ago
OPTION  ridge is a scam trading Company, because I have asked them several times to retourn my Money because the have offered an automatic tr4ading and than I realized it is all wrong and the Money is lost because they do not send it back !!!
Manfred Felber  Vienna – Austria

roy answered 5 years ago
i have requested a withdrawl from them 2 weeks ago, no email/or phone call reply. I wrote them if I don’t get the money back, then I have to take this to Police or legal authorities. I am just very mad. The broker name is Lee Perez

ivan answered 5 years ago
definitely a scam been smamed as well off 250 they are from the uk and keep calling 

paul answered 5 years ago
my mother just got scammed by Jeff at Option Ridge, $26 thousand dollars 🙁

sohaib answered 5 years ago
what if we call the credit card company to do a chargeback, because we never received the product and it is a fraud, Anybody has done a charge back?

Ahmed answered 5 years ago
Optionridge.com is the worst company I have ever come across, they took my money
and never gave me anything in return except for fake promises that never came true.
Please stay away from them and do not give them your personal information,
I do not understand why they wanted to see a picture of my credit card detail and my signature.
Stay away from optionridge people! 

Ali answered 5 years ago
Were any one of you able to take money back from OptionRidge? I just got scammed today and sent email for refund. I have given no authority to use account on my behalf but as I read it does not matter. I was stupid enough to deposit 250 Euros before guy went on to ask credit card details which stuck my mind and I tried to withdraw but withdraw does not work. I never provided them any passport or signed documents they asked but I guess that does not matter even in this case.

Sohaib answered 5 years ago
did anybody called their credit card company to do a chargeback on them for fraud?

Ritter answered 5 years ago
I traded with optionridge and was doing good untill this broker called Lee Perez contacted my and started talking alot and in the middle he asked me if it is my first trade and unfortunately i informed him yeah then he started give me bonus and tried to deposit more money from my account and even canceled my withdraw account and then i asked him to close my account then he started given me shit answers in daily basis and mentioning he waiting for finance mail since 3 weeks now my account is frozen and ask for advice what to do.

sin sin answered 4 years ago
Hi everyone. I also come across this problem. I am very new to this binary trading.2 mths agao,  I had registered through Optionridge. I regret shortly and request to stop trading. However, they still helped me to trade without my permission. Money lost a lot. Now I am traying to withdraw my left money. It seems no one can handle this. I will try to updata my situation to help other people they are also scammed.
You have to be very careful about this kind of trading. I m from Hong Kong. HK has more protection to the buyer. Even the broker will not be like that. It is really disappointed to deal with OptionRidge.

Davies Nkwazema answered 4 years ago
Trading at OPTION RIDGE has been a nightmare for me,I started my account with $2,000 in August 2016 and under the tutoring of one Jacob Silva,I was advised that if I took a bonus of $2,000 to top my account to $4,000,I will have a chance of investing in more profitable and bigger trades,according to him this bonus money would end up becoming mine as long as I finished with the required bonus volume(which I could do in a matter of  a few guided steps within a few days.The Joker lied all the way of course with the sole aim of making himself richer).I complied with his suggestion and took the bonus of $2,000 unaware that it would actually be impossible to complete the bonus volume!!
His prediction was that I should be able to make my first withdrawal after 4 weeks of trading,of course he was profit hungry and didn’t care how reckless the trades he was giving were,I took some of his trades and ignored some,I lost a reasonable amount following his trades.
After mid September I still wasn’t able to withdraw a dime because I was yet to complete the bonus volume required,I had below $2,000 in my account,I explained to Jacob Silva that I was now only committed to completing the bonus volume and no longer interested in taking his awfully bad trades,however he shamelessly continued to push for me to deposit more money into my account,I refused because I actually had no money to deposit and even if I did the fool hadn’t given me any reason to deposit more as I wasn’t making any profit whatsoever.
I had one trading session on the phone with Jacob Silva with the aim of getting started with completing the bonus volume(the phone session was only possible after I had pressed him for it for days,after which he made promises to call but always changed his confused mind at the last minute) we made about  7% progress that day out of a 100% to be completed of course.
After that one phone session Jacob Silva continued to deceive himself by sending more misguided trading signals to me,I refused to take the trades and insisted on completing the bonus volume,and so he resumed with his foolishness of trying to arrange phone sessions which never took place.
I contacted their customer care in October 2016,and spoke to a very rude female attendant,I told her I needed assistance with completing my bonus volume,she sheepishly assured me that one of their brokers would get in touch with me,till today(November 18 2016) I haven’t heard from anyone,I called customer care several times,they made empty rude promises about a broker getting in touch with me within 24hours,I cursed the hell out of the lying bitch,she got furious and hung up.
Of course Jacob Silva or any of their fraudulent brokers won’t try to contact me ever again,I learnt my lesson and I thought it wise to share my story so no one else would fall victim to these desperate Internet scam rogues known as OPTION RIDGE,they are a big scam!! and will always be even if they change their name.BEWARE!!