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Moderator Staff asked 6 years ago
If you have not yet received your 24 spam email messages today, about the latest binary options software which will make $600, get ready for this. Plenitude Formula is the product that went live today, and promises to be a spectacular scam just like the Quantum Cash Machine!
Plenitude Formula  Logo

The dude at Plenitude Formula is almost jumping out of the video into your lap as he talks his garbage, trying to convince innocent people to part with their money and donate it to a fake binary options broker.

The biggest lie of the Plenitude Formula Software what they wrote in the FAQ sections :

“Our records show the average daily profit members are making is between $1,762 – $7,651.”

Now please do not be naive and this that making anything close to that is possible.

Just talk with any of the Top Rated (Licensed) Binary Options Broker, see here, and see if any of them tell you that such a product exists in the world today.

We welcome all readers of the forum to chime in with their thoughts on the Plenitude Formula software.