what qustions/paper work should i ask for

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Eric Harding asked 4 years ago
I been using Starling Capital. I have no issues with them at this time. But I am thinking of doing big investment with them. What paperwork and main questions do I ask for to give me? So I may protect my self.
Note I am in the USA and they are Sweden what’s that mean and how do the tax work. Also is there a lawyer to help with these things or someone there? that can help me with this large investment?  thanks

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Eric,
You should read about Binary Option scams. Read the warning from the CFTC, SEC and FBI regarding unlicensed offshore companies soliciting Americans.
The only place to trade binary options in America is at Nadex! They are the only company regulated by the CFTC.
You can read about the managed account scam here
You can also read the comments on the Starling Capital review here: https://scambroker.com/starling-capital/