What should I do about AAOption?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsWhat should I do about AAOption?
Anonymous asked 5 years ago
What should I do given that the AAOoption Brokerage House has no record in the CySEC?

Where I can report that they arrested my capital and do not respond to any e-mail, Skype or calls?

I am requesting the return of values and not the account manager nor the support department solves my return request investment and account closing discounting the bonus. They have appropriated my heritage and do not respond to me to settle the return. I still have access to account because it is active. but they treat me like neglect.

The Manager sends email of new investments as if I was satisfied with the company AA Option, now my account is with 23k.  will the police solve or only justice?

Help me please …

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Samuel Bruma answered 5 years ago
Samuel Bruma 1 second ago

And I AAoption account.
All went well until I made the withdrawal request made fonduri.Am asked for bonus turnover.
For five days no one answers me.
What should I do?