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Lynne Tilley asked 5 years ago
I have just found out that Magnum Options has gone, I thought I had a problem with my login which has happened before. How do I go about getting my money back. Who do I need to contact, the same thing happened to me with Banc de Binary. Many Thanks Lynne Tilley
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David Johnson answered 4 years ago
Magnum Options¬† - The UK Insolvency Service has placed the two company's that owned Magnum Options, Solaris Vision Ltd and Capital Investments Ltd into liquidation. For further information the Official Receiver can be contacted at [email protected] or by phone 0300 678 0017.The MO scam was run by Yonatan Shinyetshy through Rushmore Marketing Ltd, 52 Menachem Begin Street, Tel Aviv, Israel. Unfortunately there are no contact details for this person of company. The Cit-of-London police closed MO website down on the 25th September 2017. I have forwarded all the information I have to the FBI ic3 as they investigate international cyber crime. I don't believe there is any chance of getting your money back.
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