Which Canuck Methods Software is the Real One?

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Gerald asked 4 years ago

I saw a video for a binary options software called Canuck Methods, and when I did a little research I found a few websites that are all the same Canuck Method.

I keep putting in my email address but I cannot find how to log into my account. I thought I already have a Canuck Methods account. Where is the official website for them.

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Gerald,
Honestly the Canuck Method is just another scam software that goes by hundreds of names, and uses different websites.
We did a little research for you and found:

  1. canuckmethodprofit.co
  2. canuckmethods.com
  3. canuck-method.net
  4. canuckmethod.com
  5. canuckmethodsoftware.com

The only reason why you keep seeing this scam software is because enough gullible people have fallen victim of the scam so they continue promoting it.
SimilarWeb estimates that over 4 million people (mostly from Canada) visited just one of the sites listed above.
So the answer for you is to run away from the Canuck Methods as fast as you can, and look for a licensed and regulated binary options.
See that little green button about that say “See The Best Brokers” – Click it and see what it says there.
Best regards!