Who Can I Contact to File a Complaint Against a Trader?

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
I have had 3 terrible attempts to subsidize my income in the past 2 months.

I read positive comments about 3 Binary Option Traders on Binary Options WatchDog and decided to invest in all 3 Traders. I am disabled with a TBI and PTSD so I have some processing disabilities which could risk my losing trades if done manually. So I opted to use their automated software system to select and place the trades for me.

I wanted to avoid any screw ups associated with my disability so I depended on the software promoted to gain 75% plus success rates. In less than 36 hours all of my money was lost via auto robots with all 3 Traders.

I emailed each Trading software with a request for assistance and an explanation why I got the polar opposite results of 100% failure rate or 0% success rate. I got no replies so after a couple of weeks of email sending I decided to file a formal complaint with the FBI Internet Division based on fraud by misleading promotional materials. I also emailed notices to the Traders informing them of my formal complaint, still no replies. I also included information about my physical handicap and being a vulnerable adult who has had fraud committed against me, still no replies. Finally I filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and only 1 of the 3 Traders was registered with the BBB.

All I want in return is the amount funded to each account returned to me plus a bonafide working software capable of generating the 75% plus success rate that was promoted via the 3 Traders.

I trusted in their promos and the delivery to me was 0% success rate! Now I will divulge the Traders names so that people can beware of these swindlers. Ironically these 3 Traders are still getting rave reviews of very successful trading and being the best in the Binary Options field!

1) FastCash.biz

2) VirtNext

3) Equinox.com also promoted as Dow Focus Group

T Tully