Who is BrokerzUnion Are They A Legit Broker?

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Reanon asked 4 years ago
What do you know about Brokerz Union, are they a good binary options broker? Can I trust the people at Brokerz Union to make me good money by investing with them?
Thank you

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Reanon,
As you can see on the BrokerzUnion website, they are owned by PLZ LTD and they are located in Sofia city, Bulgaria.
It does not look like they are a licensed binary options broker.
As for investing, you are not suppose to invest with binary options, you are suppose to trade them. They are not like stocks and mutual funds, they are high risk and their expire quickly.
Do your research first and learn how to become a day trader, before you start.

John Kearney answered 4 years ago
I have had an account with brokerzunion for 4 months. Trust me when I tell you they are a scam
¬†They do nothing after the first week when they have your money. The phone numbers don’t work, no emails get answered.
So don’t go near these con men . stay away. Fortunately I was able to do charge backs on my credit card.