Who is Making Money Using The Cobalt Code Software?

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Bill Cunningham asked 5 years ago
Hi Mod,

I love your forum, and wanted to ask you about this new software that I got an email about called the Cobalt Code.

I have been burnt by other bad trading systems for binary options like Virtnext and Mirror Trader, What are your thoughts?

And other readers also, are you actually making money if you are using the Cobalt Code, and also if you did make money from Cobalt Code, which broker are you using? Is the broker good, and did they actually give you your money back, or are you having problems getting your withdrawal approved.

Are the Cobalt Code signals accurate? Can I trust their auto trading feature on low risk?

See thecobaltcode.com

All feedback is very much appreciated,


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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Bill,
We urge you to first read this article about trading robots, see https://brokerwithdrawal.com/best-trading-robots/ , and try one of those before you start with a slick software like the one from Cobalt Code.
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