Will I Make Money Investing at PrimeOT?

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Anne asked 3 years ago

I signed up for the Crypto Advantage trading app, and they gave me a brokerage account at a company called PrimeOT.

How much money do I need to deposit in order to make good profits?

Is PrimeOT licensed for Australians to invest with?

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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Anne,
Please take a minute to read about the Best Online Brokers.
There you will see that: “The best Forex brokers are licensed and regulated by your local governments financial regulator. None of the best brokers will promise you high returns, and none of them will manage your money for you.”
No, PrimeOT is not an ASIC regulated broker. 

Maria Gerard answered 2 years ago

PrimeOT is a scam— big time. Don’t deal with them.

PrimeOT is a scam. They push you to invest, their brokers dont contact you as arranged and if you try and close your account they tell you that you have to have $50,000 in profit to be able to do so.

Read this article— it mirrors my experience with them although I didn’t lose as much as the subject of the article did.

A recent piece by the ABC called them “The Pirates of the Caribbean Online Fraud Scheme”. So true. Google it and read it before you do anything.


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