Winvestock a scam or regulated broker?

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Ranon asked 2 weeks ago

Hi there!

Just want to know if Winvestock is a scam or a regulated broker.

They contacted me to open a Crypto trading account with them but when I try to check the company under FCA registered brokers, they don't appear.

Can you please conclude whether its a scam or not? Thank you

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Broker Withdrawal Staff answered 2 weeks ago

No, Winvestock is not a licensed or regulated broker. The FCA has numerous warnings about offshore firms that try to give the appearance of being a UK firm.


This company Winvestock is very confused because although they list a UK address, if you read the terms and conditions page on their website, it says they are a Estonia company. Also, their "customer support" email address goes to the domain


Basically, it is best to stay away, and use one of these brokers.

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