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claudio schmirman asked 4 years ago
Unfortunately I have followed your review on this broker. If you like I could send you all the proven details and find out what for experience I am getting.

It was the designed one in order to start with the Snapcash software, after several calls I finally got understood that I will only deposit the minimum required and never more just to try the Snapcash.

I realized that Snapcash is not for me because after 2 days and 9 trades I saw the low results and having so bad experience with, I decided to close the account sending a signed letter, which explains that my expectations were others than the result with the software. So far and after 3 weeks of calls to the support and having to answer again and again to the account managers and supervisors, they still have my money, the account is still open and probably if I do not used they will charge me with the costs?

Lets see, so far the withdrawal is not showed in the account and the support still answered that needs the accord of the manager, I am wondering if they will keep on trying to get more money from me!

The answer is NOT but their behave does not match to your report, am I right?

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Yes, SnapCash is a scam that works with many unlicensed brokers.
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