Would You Invest with the Broker Opteck?

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Marcel asked 4 years ago
Hi there,

I am looking for feedback from other investors at Opteck. Can you tell me if they are a good binary options broker? Does Opteck give you your money back quickly, or do they play games like the shady scam brokers?

Is see that they have a licensed from IFSC in belize, but then other places say they have a license from CySEC, what does this mean?

Thank you for your assistance.


1 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Marcel,
That is a good question. Opteck is licensed by CySEC in the European Union, and outside of Europe they are licensed by IFSC. The IFSC is still to be determined what kind of protection it offers investors.
You can see the list of best brokers, and there may be a broker there which is licensed in your country.
Let’s see if any of Optecks current clients chime in with their opinion.