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Ganesan asked 4 years ago
I Join This  platform and asked few question about regulation and also document sending to individual name e-mail address and they inform that they are regulate .

After i check personaly this platform

1)Payment  processor by Daufin Ltd London

2)Registed Commodius fx Ltd.Vanuatu.

3)Bank in go to commodius fx beijing.

The Manager in charge call me and asked why you complain to tragecomplain.com.I not satisfy and request them to return my money and today her finanace side request me document that i send earlier my Driving licence so i send.My question is they send 7 page of agreement by http://www.70trades.com to sign first before release my fund,is this document is request for return my fun

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Ibrahim answered 3 years ago
I want my money back to me

Ashwani Kumar answered 2 years ago
I want my money back to me

ROCSAN JOY ABAO BAUTISTA answered 2 years ago
I want my money return to me

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