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Trader Protection Review

Trader Protection is a legit “funds recovery” company, which opened in December of 2019. They assist Day Traders and Forex Investors, who are having a problem getting their money back from a broker. Trader Protection team is made up of people who have experience with credit card risk management, and chargeback claims.

Their main line of business, is recovering deposits made to licensed Crypto & Forex brokers, via credit card. Their in-depth knowledge of Visa / Mastercard guidelines, makes the potential of recovering funds possible.

Many times, an investor / day trader will try to submit a credit card dispute or chargeback, only for it to come back as rejected. This is because of the brokerage firms “risk management” team. The recovery specialists at Trader Protection have experience from working in the Forex brokers risk management department, and use this knowledge to your benefit.

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Trader Protection Review

Upfront Fees or Success Fees

Competition in the industry of broker recovery firms is tough, and there are many companies trying for your business. Many companies demand high upfront fees, and make large promises of success rates.

What is unique about Trader Protection is their case selection and ability to offer a “No Upfront Fee” option. What some people balk at, is that they will ask for 50% of the funds they recover. So basically, if you have given up on getting your money back, this may be the right decision for you.

The smallest claim amount they will try to recover, is from investors that lost over $2,000. Therefore, investors that lost less than $2,000, the overhead costs are too high to make their service a viable option.

In addition to their “No Win, No Fee” plan, they have a few other plans which take a lower upfront fee. Discuss your case with their customer service representative.

Does Trader Protection Get Results?

When you speak with the customer service agent, you will be asked a list of questions, so that they can see if your claim has a good chance of recovered.

During our conversation with their marketing team, they made it clear that the recovery process takes anywhere from 30 – 180 days.

The recovery specialist needs to spend time working with the client to prepare documents supporting the claim. I many cases, this can produce over 50 pages of documentation, that needs to be submitted to the bank.

Trader Protection by Anderson Solicitors is officially located at: Central Court, 25 Southampton Buildings, Holborn, London, WC2A 1AL United Kingdom. Contact phone number is are: +442045710663

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